I would like to introduce myself, I’m Violetta , founder of “ Tortaiskola” .

6 years ago ,I fell in love with baking, and from there it became a passion for me. The beginning was really difficult , I can tell I had definitely No Idea about baking and cakes, honestly Nothing at All, but then a really special day was about to come, the first birthday of my son. I just immediately felt it needs to be special, I wanted to make a cake by myself.I’ll never forget the day, I was standing in my kitchen, in front of the ingredients , questioning my own abilities, and wondering if I could ever make it happen. Without any prior knowledge , felt like really tricky challenge. But I made it happen, and something just immediately changed inside of me forever, from out of nowhere an unstoppable curiosity was born to discover the baking world . 
I’ve completed several online courses, and consumed dozens of books and informations about baking, when I decided to get qualified in professional baking in 2017, and in the same year , we moved out from our appartment in the city center to a peacefully beautiful house to a little town. 
In the beginning , my kitchen was not fully equipped , I couldn’t bake about few months, but this period of time I could reconnect my own self, find a new way of thinking, what directed me a new way to see my passion. 
My new direction became the french patisserie. 
In 2018 I’ve got amazing opportunity in a hungarian international television’s baking program, where I ended up , to be a finalist, and after I could have my own 10 episodes baking series in the same television online site. 
It was a great opportunity to challenge myself and to realize my way of teaching will be online video courses. 
2019 was a year, whenI became addictively passionate about french patisseries, and decided to figure it out my own way of taste, and style. Surprising combinations, mind blowing flavors , for example : salty-pepper caramel, crushed black pepper raspberry mousse, lime-basil crème, lilac flower crème etc. 
My inspirations are international pattiseries ans pastry chefs, but mostly french pattisiers and pastry chefs are the true inspiration for me. 

If I look back in my path , where I started and where I am now , I can tell, the unstoppable curiosity lead me , to a “ never give up, I’ll make it happen “ stubborn mindset, what is definitely tells a lot about my personal character. 
I’ve always believed, there is another way in life , if we are strong and brave enough to never give up on ourselves and our dreams. 
2019 was a year for me, when I learnt think and “rethink” independently, and create out of unknown.